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SEC Filings

The Management’s Discussion and Analysis (“MD&A”) section of your SEC filings is where you tell the reader about your company. It allows you to tell the story behind the numbers, both historical and prospective. You should not simply restate what is on the face of the financial statements, but rather allow the reader to get a better understanding of your business.

There are certain rules and requirements surrounding the MD&A disclosures, and we take pride in our ability to tell your story while complying with those rules.

The Summary Compensation Table is where you disclose cash and non-cash compensation to the primary executives, as well as certain highly compensated employees. Like the MD&A section, the Summary Compensation Table has a series of rules that must be followed.

We will help you determine whom should be included in the Summary Compensation Table, and what should be disclosed about their compensation. We will also prepare the table for inclusion in your filing.

Finally, we will read the entire filing to make sure disclosures about risks, legal proceedings and other matters are consistent with the information in your financial statements.