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Preparation of Auditor’s Checklists

Checklists are practice aids that help the auditor make sure they have considered everything. Over the years, these checklists have grown to hundreds and hundreds of pages in electronic form.

For a recent audit we prepared, between the internal control checklists and the various disclosure and SEC compliance checklists, we completed over 300 pages of documentation.

The benefit of having us do these checklists is multifold.

  1. Our rates are lower than the auditor’s rates. So you save money.
  2. We understand what the checklists are asking. So we can complete them quickly.
  3. It allows us to address the same issues the auditors are faced with. And since we’re doing it upfront, it saves time for the auditors.
  4. The disclosure checklists allow us to prepare the financial statements in the manner the auditors are accustomed to. This also speeds up the process.