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How It Works

Your needs and deadlines are our top priority.

We’re not an employment agency. So we don’t get the job and then run out and try to find someone to do it.

You get our specifically trained and experienced staff.

And because audit preparation is all we do, we have a system for delivering this particular type of service.

Audit Preparation

Communication is the key to a successful audit preparation, and we communicate with you regularly on our progress toward the deadline and cost estimate.

We start by preparing an audit readiness review. This involves spending about an hour talking with you or your accounting person to understand all the accounting issues and the status of the books and records. We then provide you with a detailed report of what needs to be done, along with the time each task is expected to take.

Then we go through the report with you and assign tasks among each of your staff members and APS staff. Sometimes APS handles all the work, other times we divide the work between APS staff and your staff, and other times much of the work is done by your staff and we just manage the process or parts of the process.

Once we determine who is doing the work, we prepare a timeline showing when each task needs to be completed and often re-adjust staffing assignments to make sure each staff member has enough time to complete the tasks assigned. This gives us a good picture of how long the audit preparation will take.

Once we agree on the assignments, there are deadlines for each task, and we manage the project based on those deadlines and budgeted hours. This gives us a good roadmap of where we are along the path, and lets us know early if we’re going to meet our final deadlines and cost estimates.

Discrete Project

Many companies only need a single or several deliverables, like calculation of option expense and writing the footnote… or preparation of the income tax provision… or analysis of a new financing instrument for derivatives.

This usually only involves one or two APS staff members and we turn around the project quickly so you can incorporate the results into the rest of your accounting.

No matter if you need us to do everything, or if you just need us to reconcile a bank account, each job is unique and our approach is completely customized to your needs.